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Oh, it just so happens their was a “shake up” that he had to check when they’re about to get into the data on the computer. KH II spoof: a few keystroks

Valentines Day: 13-19 by tenchufreak on DeviantArt

Valentines Day: by tenchufreak on DeviantArt - Donald's face scares me a little lol

......... Basically

Poor Xion, good for the Rikuplica, Zexion, look happier! And Vexen wraps it all up with a nice hug.

KH Spoof: no clue by jojo56830

Especially how she gives this huge, dreamy, romantic sigh at the end.

KH II Spoof - Ha, Sora you're so special... xD @Angela Gray Gray Anglin Pinkston

thrs alot of traffic tht goes through thr 4 such a lonely place KH II Spoof: Alone