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Did you know only about of the ocean floor has been discovered? So who's to say mermaids don't exist?

m e r m a i d s

- I see God in this because when God made everything, he said this was beautiful. This artwork is showing the beauty of one of god's creation, the ocean.


Real-life mermaid swims with whales using very own fish tail - and holds breath for two minutes on deep sea dives Feisty fish: Hannah has been confronted by sharks while underwater, but says she scared them off with a frightening face

The well of love in your heart has infinite depths...

Picture Prompts for Writing! Who lives beneath this well? Who draws water from the well? What type of creatures live in the water?

THE KRAKEN, one of the best mythological creatures ever!

What Lurks Beneath The Waves

A kraken is a humongous sea monster that attacks ships and sailors and gobbles them up. Luckily, the kraken is a mythological creature.


Bones has a phaser that he can shoot at Giant Octopus. Giant Octopus may be big but after some phaser fire then Giant Octopus is gone. This Octopus isn't doing good.

Cool sea monster!

Fantasy Sea Monster Get Old Sail Ship Wallpaper HD Image - Fantasy Sea Monster Get Old Sail Ship Wallpaper