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So afterwards, Eugenie started a diary to help keep the memory of her family alive, and the more she wrote, the more she felt closer to her own family, and a desire to join them in eternal rest. She eventually called this book the Diary of Jane.

lol seriously agreed! The Song of Achilles was just emotionally ugh!

Haha The Song of Achilles. But really, their entire journey is worth it. The bad times make the good shine all the brighter.

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ENFJ's tend to blame themselves for things that go wrong. ENFJs tend to be overly self critical and hard on themselves.

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cathoderetina: “ [DON’T TOUCH ME] ”

" he went to touch her hand but she jerked it away "Are you still mad?" she simply nodded keeping her eyes on her phone screen, he went to hold her hand again, she looked up at him and flatly went "Don't touch me.

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The forest is a lovely creature that lures you to its heart, and when you reach it, you can never go back.

The air was still and the world was crashing down. The sky was shattered like an old pane of glass. The cracks were depicted by the lifeless trees. Their graven limbs appeared as the winding breaks in the steadily solid white sky.

White aesthetic: Explore Aesthetic Black, Aesthetic Grunge, and mor...

Explore Aesthetic Black, Aesthetic Grunge, and more!

White aesthetic: Explore Aesthetic Black, Aesthetic Grunge, and mor...