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I have to put you on my massive test , if you don't have patience and u want everything now like a little kid then I'm sorry that ain't me .

Because the Ex husband was a narcissistic pos who cheated on me with an ugly ass cop and used her to get me arrested to cover that fact

If this is'nt the closest thing to truth about me as a Capricorn I don't know what is.

Capricorns are genuine lovers, when we love, we love hard as hell. And have an even harder time letting someone go.

My mom will give you a rashion of shit if you get on her bad side, but there ARE times where shed rather stay quiet

I have a very dirty mind. No, I'm not sorry.

My brother is a Capricorn, and he is hilarious!<< I'm a Capricorn, and this is definitely true.


♡♡♡Especially if its a fun & hot car, always looking for adventure.♡♡♡Fun zodiac facts here!

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I do give second chances but it depends on the situation. I am known to cut people off without notice.