Dean lashed out, “She’s a Demon!” Gabriel had enough, “Don’t even think about coming near her. Don’t even think about touching her or so help me Dean I will tear you apart. You made your choice,” He was dangerously close, “now stay the hell away.

I finally got to the first trickster episode so I would love doing this.

My name is Gabrielle so this is kinda like a "me to me" Gabriel is my alter ego that does dumb shit and Gabrielle is just me, trying to ignore Gabe so I don't get myself into trouble. That's how I feel whenever I read Gabriel imagines and stuff

"Gabriel, the world would be a better place. Besides the pain would stop." He looked at you shaking his head, "Y/N, I promised to keep you safe don't please I'm begging you."

"Gabriel, please. I just disappoint all of you. I can’t deal with the pain anymore." He looked at you shaking his head, "Y/N, I promised to keep you safe.

Sabriel family

Sabriel family <<< I do not know if I ship it yet, but that was too great to ignore

I can't imagine this because I would never break up with him. This is just ridiculous.

((Open rp, be Dean. Credit to "I'll take you to Red Lobster!" you exclaim, waiting outside the bathroom door while I shower.

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((Open rp, be Dean)) "Dean." I whimper through tears as you answer the door. You rush over and sit next to me "what happened?" You ask, concerned