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Day 27- most badass scene ever? Tokyo Ghoul. this scene . its awesome and great and it throws the feels at u!! *cries*

This was a confusing part for the audience: AWESOME but Kaneki you're being a freakin' PHSYCO!

Tokyo Ghoul: RA episode 5 - Kaneki vs Shinohara - "M-my fingers...on the bench...C-centipedes...i-in my ears..."

Tokyo Ghoul: VA episode 5 - Kaneki vs Shinohara - "M-my fingers.on the bench.C-centipedes.i-in my ears.

The Birth of Centipede | Actually I went and search if this Centipede really exists and it does preety awesome.

The Birth of Centipede

Chibi neko Kaneki Ken cuteness <333

Kaneki Ken cuteness the last panels so cut thooo

Ken kaneki when he's pulling the cencepede out of his ear

Ken kaneki when he's pulling the centipede out of his ear>> censored version sadly doesn't even show him pulling it out.

Tokyo Ghoul, amon and kaneki, heart doki doki

Tokyo Ghoul, amon and kaneki, heart doki doki<< yay some happy. There's too much bitter sadness to the likeness of our souls and coffee in this fandom

Kaneki Ken and Kirishima Ayato .....they are not exactly friends....

Ayato is forced to endure as Kaneki breaks 103 of the 206 of his bones, crushing the entire half of his body.

những đứa bựa nhân

Tokyo Ghoul reacts to shipping xD Probably HideKane ;


Tokyo Ghoul √A Episode 9 "City in Waiting"

But...but..he tried to kill you....Your not your name. ...your Kankeki....He's evil....yeah thats what i think......since i still.....didn't read Tokyo Ghoul:re....

"the man who named me, the man that killed me and the man that gave me hope. you were my teacher and my father" now cry bitches. because I am crying too.

Resultado de imagem para kaneki ken gif

Resultado de imagem para kaneki ken gif

cuz reasons by prpldragonart

Tokyo Ghoul cuz reasons by prpldragonart


When he changed into a centipede - Tokyo Ghoul ~ DarksideAnime

Tokyo Ghoul

funny Tokyo Ghoul so true it devors me .

~oh dear god XD~ #youaintgotshitonken

Oh sweet baby jesus