*Critic voice* Excuuuuse me, but it's "Stop starin at me with THEM big ole eyes" not those big ole eyes

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Since Garnet has Future Vision, what did she see?

Garnet has Future Vision; what did she see?

Omg I never noticed this. And it's obvious she saw something because she was hold her glasses and it showed only her right hand. And that's were Sapphires gem is. Sapphire is the one with future vision.

Undertale... Pearl is Toriel, Steven is Asriel and Amethyst is Chara

Only amethyst and Steven can ruin the ruins. tbh, she looks like peridot juuuust the teensiest bit

Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk on DeviantArt

Cookie Cat Capers by Neodusk on DeviantArt Well would you look at that, someone who writes them in character.

X'D I can just imagine that being sung to the toon of the theme song

The last true heroes

That's why the world believes in: Scissors Figure 8 And Flag. AND MEATBALL! >>> So wait is this what Pearl really thinks of the Crystal Gems like srsly

steven universe pearl and mayor dewey - Google Search

Steven Universe, Support thick thighs, they save peoples lives. <---ok yes<<<<<,Garnet is so yissss haw haw

Rabecca with her plot twists ~ Steven universe

Now we get a brief look inside Rebecca Sugar’s thought process while she made Mindful Education


Round and round let the city turn we can party in the hills or we can party in the burbs roof on fire let it burn champagne in my hand I’m not concerned

How the series will end

How the series will end

I’m pretty sure this is how Steven Universe is going to end>>>>>you don't know this? This is a Spongebob/ SU crossover when Spongebob and Patrick fight each other in fry cook games