Percabeth, Jasper, Frazel, Caleo

"And Percy wins 'Best Boyfriend' Award for the time in a row"- Leo

Team Leo  !!!!FOREVER!!!!!!!

Even people who aren't in the fandom are freaking team percy that's how strong percabeth is Really? I didn't even know Team Jason existed. That's how much team Percy I am.

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Glad to make your dreams come true, Percy! Leo doesn't want to ruin his pretty face. I agree with Hazel thou.remember Percy fought against Ares.i think if anybody earned the right to scary glare its him :)

Every girl in the Fandom has a crush on Leo Valdez DEAL WITH IT

deal with it. Only people apart of the fandom will understand this. Deal with it. Ever heard of food coloring.

What Percy has to do to be approved by Athena cabin.

Athena Cabin and Percabeth XD I love this. Apparently I am also a daughter of Athena. Who knew?

okay, first of all no one can be the Hermione of Gryffindor. Okay, the rest I'm fine with.

Percy's a keeper ;) but I think percy and hazel would be hufflepuff, annabeth and leo in ravenclaw, piper in slytherin, jason and frank in gryffindor