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Love is..when you're in it together. #Love #SqdnLdr

that is me and my husband robert we've been married for 37 years next month

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10/13 - the nearness of you

Tiny Confessions by Christopher Rozzi for Sep 15, 2016

We are planning matching tattoos.but not on our butts LOL

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when his text msg make you go weak


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"Love is...Always making up before bed if you quarreled" comic strip by Kim…


No matter how bad the day at work was for us or how grumpy we both get to each other. We never go to bed separate, we always snuggle up, and we always say our love you's.

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love is cartoons - i remember theses as a child. My mom cutting them out of the newspaper and putting them in daddys racing album !

Love Is built with two people who refuse to build with anyone else... They'll work on their loving rs with you alone.


"Love Is. built brick by brick" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali

"Love is... when a lifetime isn't enough" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali


"Love is. when a lifetime isn't enough" comic strip by Kim Grove Casali…

Love Is... the small gestures that keep your relationship vibrant.

Love Is. the small gestures that keep your relationship vibrant. Great times on beautiful days Good times with love on any bad or good or beautiful day

I miss you Joey Douglas Rogers 1961 - 2012, I miss you so much

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One day :)

I hope so.even if I shouldn't hope so. I can't help it. One day, it may be years from now.

My husband, he is the one person I complain about often, but the one person that I love with all my heart.  Our life is not a fairytale but I wouldn't change a thing

"In my book, you are my prince. In my movie, you are my hero. In my body, you are my heart. And in my life, you are my everything.