And when they say that it's easy

Voted biggest band nerd and likely to be a band director compassionate Band Seasons

I know this is for band, but it applies to swimming. Coach: I don't care if the pool fills over! You're all swimming!" It's nearly impossible for swim practice to be canceled. XD

I don't care if it floods and we have to march underwater! We're still having practice! This is soo my band director!

If you roll your steps while walking in might be a band kid #guilty

Marching band kids are the ones who stand up tall, walk with ourpose, and occasionally roll their heels

hahah love these girls!!!  The band life...

Especially when you're in the orchestra. They actually did choose to ask me to join the jazz band in grade! Marching band and concert band assessment.

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I do this frequently

So true, but they won't know what to do with me this year, as I'm in colorguard and drumline for concert season.