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Can't we all just get along?

19 Times America And Britain Went Head To Head On Tumblr

Are so many people really thinking that Canada is "not real"? Look at a globe for once, vous idiots!

Oh Canada

Is Canada real or is it just fantasy? XD <<< No, I think that's a fictional country (can someone tell me the reference I just made?

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28 Pictures That Will Make You Laugh Every Time

"Two bald eagles in air battle crash-land at airport. Dude these two eagles were fighting mid-air and got stuck. They crash landed at an airport and both survived. How hardcore is that? Look at their faces though. Its like 'I swear to GAWD Jerry' "

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"No wonder foreigners don't like Americans. Our mascot looks like the bird form of a douchebag who takes gym class too seriously.