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You hesitated Percy.... Couldn't not pin

Percy Jackson / Frozen crossover << And Leo just hides behind Percy to pop out at the perfect moment percabeth pregnant


Percy Jackson funny<<< Do you realize that she would most likely kill anyone that said,"OOOOOOOOOOH"

It's so sad and it makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry

But wait if people say " a pen is as sharp as a double edged sword" then I guess all pens are swords!

OH MY GODS  Except for their personalities are switched

OMG THEY ARE A PERFECT PERCABETH! All you have to do is switch Sam and Freddie's intellectual abilities and that's them. Annabeth super smart like Freddie and Percy street smart😂


Percy Jackson Cam Half - Blodd Camp Jupiter Percy Jackso & The Olympians Percy Jackson i Bogowie Olimpijscy The Heroes of Olympus Olimpijscy Herosi Percy

So cool

I really want uncle rick to write a book all about Percy and annabeth at camp half blood. That was always my favorite part in the books.

This is so me!!

So I'm in history and me, all the other Percy Jackson fandom members and the TEACHER had a ten minute fight over who Uncle Rick will kill off in House of Hades. It was epic. We're studying Greek mythology and whenever the teacher asks a que