Snowy - The snowy owl's beautiful white plumage helps to hide it in its Arctic habitat. Only the males are completely white. Chicks are dark and spotted, while the females are white with spots on their wings. The ghostlike snowy owl has unmistakable wh

13. “Snow Hoot!”

Snow owl The Snowy Owl is a large owl of the typical owl family Strigidae. The Snowy Owl was first classified in 1758 by Carolus Linnaeus, the Swedish naturalist who developed binomial nomenclature to classify and organize plants and animals.

"...Not only is the owl downright adorable, but also he has the most incredible eyes, which truly look like they are full of stars. This is how he got the name Zeus, after the Greek God of sky and thunder. So what causes his eyes to glitter like a starry night sky? Zeus has a condition known as capsular cataract, which produces unique flecks caused by fibrin/blood pigment clots."

Zeus the Starry eyed blind owl One morning, someone in Southern California found an injured owl on their porch. It turned out to be a blind Western Screech Owl with eyes that look like a starry night.

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Today we provides an example photos of beauty owl photography . previously we would like to explain that the owl is a bird of prey groups (carnivores or meat

so cute

Disheveled Owl - This is the cutest owl ever! I think I've fallen in love with owls! This one is so cute.