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"We must serve the fire Determination, determination, determination Blame the light For all must burn down in the end" The Throne

Josan Gonzalez’s future is the kind of dystopia you want to hang out in.  The Spanish illustrator is currently in the midst of crowdfunding a second book in his series, The Future is Now, and it’s...

The bleak and charming cyberpunk art of Josan Gonzalez

Josan Gonzalez creates candy-colored worlds that take us through the psyches of superheroes and antiheroes alike. Josan Gonzalez is an Illustrato.


Self-published artbook, a vision of a dystopian near future. 36 illustrations in color and 12 in black and white, 64 pages, size landscape, soft.

Josan Gonzales creates candy-colored worlds that take us through the psyches of…

The Colorful World of Josan Gonzalez

The Future is Now – Les jolies illustrations dystopiques de Josan Gonzalez

Josan Gonzalez Follow · 2 December 2015 · "The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls, and tenement halls" Model: Margarita Smirnova — with Margarita Smirnova.

Some covers and professional work I& been doing this year outside of The Future is Now. Will be updating with more, maybe ;