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Everyone says love hurts but that is not true loneliness hurts rejection hurts losing someone hurts love quote


Inspiration exists but it has to find you working. Powerful words from Pablo Picasso … Find the inspirations and the push forward in your work with me and thousands of other artists at this weekends.


Thank God my husband can look past it all. I tried my best to be upfront about all my crazy and he still accepts me! Blessed wife in every way!

Quotes That Honor The Gift Of Womenhood - Trend To Wear

Quotes That Honor The Gift Of Womenhood

A woman’s Strength isn’t just about how much she can handle before she breaks. It’s also about how much she must handle after she’s broken.

This verse? Officially the tagline of our love story. FYI. :) ardently-adore-austin

I have found THE one whom my soul loves Love of your life Great wedding program or invite quote / scripture Song of Solomon


Some people will only love you as long as you fit in their box. Don& be afraid to disappoint.

The best relationships start off as a friendship first.

its all started as friend.then best friend. then i fell in love with our friendship. I wish cuz if thats true we gonna have the best relationship ever😂😘

You my baby girl C ....

One smile, can start a friendship. One word can end a fight. One word can end a fight. One look, can save a relationship. One person can change your life.

I agree to a point unless a person went through the same thing but different as far as the obstacle itself. The person has to want it & know they want it to go through the change. Everything will be different, so they need to be ready. some are not ready even going through worse years ago & coming out changed as a better person. This person i know for a cact went through Hell as a child. Abuse, etc seen their mom hurt, the child was hurt in strange ways that lasted forever.

Quotes and inspiration about Life QUOTATION - Image : As the quote says - Description Don't rush on anything. When the time is right, it'll happen.

Monday Motivation: "Letting go has nothing do to with 'quitting.' Ask yourself, 'Am I sticking it out or am I staying stuck?


i always mean what I say quote quotes funny funny quote funny quotes humor lol

One of those days.... #RebelsMarket #People

Some people are life-sucking energy-draining negative bags of annoying hell. Funny but true