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Games I've played/want to play: Spyro the Dragon, Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Fatal Frame, Bioshock, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Deadpool, Sengoku Basara, Metal Gear Solid Rising Revengeance, Heavy Rain, The Last of Us, Dead Island, Alice Madness Returns, Arkham Asylum, Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney, Trauma Center, The World Ends With You, Dishonored, Devil May Cry, The Walking Dead, Mass Effect, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, Red Dead Redemption, Super Smash Bros, Gravity Rush, Skyrim, Soul…

Sonic the Hedgehog Megaman of Zelda Pac-man of Duty for Speed Dug City Evil Creed Robot Croft Sun fox Eye Bandicoot Night's at Freddy's