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House W,© Mauricio Fuertes
Residential Architecture: House W by 01Arq: “..Located in Region IV, on the windy coastal town of Huentelauquén, Chile, W House develops a program that includes 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and terraces. The commission presented two restrictions, the first to create spaces protected from the wind and the second not exceed a construction budget of 12 UF (US$ 500) per square meter..The site of 50mt by 100mt is next to a rocky area where the waves break from the sea, to the north is the…
Nettleton 199 by SAOTA and OKHA Interiors
Is a kit house for you? Thinking outside the box - Architecture - via FT How To Spend It
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In the area of Bruges in Belgium, the local architects Benny Govaert & Damiaan Vanhoutte designed Villa Roces, a family house and a conceptual hom...
Power Street by Steve Domoney Architecture / Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
Iporanga House, is located in Iporanga  on Sao Paulo’s coast, approximately 75 miles east from the capital. This condo is inside a very well preserved and protected area of the original Atlantic Rainforest. The lushness of this native forest took the client to demand a house that occupied the minimum possible of the ground area. But at the same time he wanted it to be large and comfortable, and asked for 5 suites, one for the couple, and 4 for guests.