Amazing house at Gerês, Portugal.

É uma casa portuguesa (com certeza) e está a encantar meio mundo

balance and composition

Boulder based studio have completed the Dihedral House for a young family. The home is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Elm & Willow House by Architects EAT

Elm & Willow House by Architects EAT

Located in Canterbury, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Elm & Willow House was designed by Architects EAT. The structure makes use of open walls to blend the boundaries between indoors and outdoors. Photos courtesy of Architects EAT

Modeco House in Los Altos by Curt Cline

Cline incorporated a number of green features into the design including a super-insulated envelope, ultra-efficient heat pump, and skylights for natural daylighting. "It approaches standards," he says. Pavers lead to the front door.