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I have been keeping bonsai for many years and just save photos as I come across them. To view some of these wonderful plants please view this gallery, you can click an image for a slideshow ……

15 plantas de casa

New amazing flowers pics every day, be the first to see them! Fantastic flowers will make your heart open. Easily get in a great mood and feel happy all day long!


Bonsai centrum Nitra, Slovakia - photocell on residential bonsai - Loropetalum chinensis var. Rubrum - Lost TREE - Tree of a thousand stars - text and photo: Mgr.

Mini maple bonsai

Is your tiny studio apartment too tiny even for a bonsai tree? These are easily small enough. Apparently there’s an ultra-small bonsai trend sweeping the home decor world. See more bonsai trees at www.

bonsais con un aspecto magico 24

Bonsai trees are awesome. Just ask Mr Miyagi. They look beautiful, they fit in your house, they encourage patience and dedication, they relieve stress, and they help to purify the air.

Bonsai                                                                                                                                                     Mais

Bonsai is the art of keeping miniature trees. These are flowers bonsai tree, which look huge and great in any color.The bonsai tree is a great creature of God.

The Japanese artist Takanori Aiba created worlds in miniature bonsai trees, using materials such as craft paper, plastic and acrylic resin. Above, a castle around the small tree to its lowest branch.

Takanori Aiba is a Japanese artist who specializes in intricate Bonsai Tree-houses. Aiba uses craft paper, plastic, plaster, acrylic resin, paint and other materials to construct sprawling miniature tree-house communities that wrap around bonsai trees.