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CMC offices in the City. Perfectly fluid graduated graphics, produced on optically clear with anti scratch laminate, were installed to glass panels throughout their offices.

After designing the office space at the technology headquarters of travel company in 2008, ACTWO Architects have completed an expansion that increases the office’s footprint to 30,000 sqft

Wonderful White and Orange Office Ideas: Meeting Cube With Graduate Class Cool Startup Tech Office

quote for a print in the office?

Trend Watch: Embracing Bold Messages in the Workspace

[サイン] Office Decor Typography Inspirational Quote - Wall Decoration Art - Success Quote - The Only Way to Do Great work, is to Love What you Do

We need more meeting spaces. I like the idea of naming them, these are color coded. We can name ours after ips or whatever we want!

Office Space: Pandora perks include free gadget vending machine

ZENBER interieur I architectuur BNI (Project) - RABOBANK APELDOORN EN OMGEVING - PhotoID #347883 -

On display - glass partitioned meeting room. Very popular and on trend in the office design world!

Gallery - Yuanyang Express We+ Co-working Space / MAT Office - 3

Gallery of Yuanyang Express We+ Co-working Space / MAT Office - 7

Nordahl Grieg High School in Norway / LINK arkitektur© Hundven-Clements Photography. Could be admin offices and/or collaborative work spaces.

Completed in 2010 in Bergen, Norway. Images by Hundven-Clements Photography. Link Arkitektur AS has a long tradition in designing school projects. The project Nordahl Grieg high school with its is the result of a.

ALP Logistic Office / JC Architecture, © Zach Hone

ALP Logistic Office / JC Architecture

Completed in 2015 in Taipei, Taiwan. Images by Zach Hone. Acting as the main office and reception of the vast logistic center in New Taipei City, the ALP owners wanted to establish a reference design for.

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The designs that won over the judges and the public at the Interface WA Design Awards. Congratulations to the winners of Interface’s 2013 WA Design Awards, HBO+EMTB Architects and ID By Mono.

Office partition / Partition wall SPARK by Sinetica Industries

We love this clear office partition wall "SPARK" by Sinetica Industries. This space sure could use a Ceilume ceiling though.those boring mineral fiber tiles are the only thing about this space that isn't amazing.

사람들은 보통 회의실을 생각할때 자동으로 지루한 방안에 있는 탁자와 의자들 그리고 프로젝터까지 떠올립니다. 기발한 아이디어를 내야되는 브레인스토밍 미팅이나 흥미있는 컨텐츠로 클라이언트를 설득시켜야 하는데, 정말 진부한 회의실에 갇혀있다면 참 우울하겠죠? 요즘 대세로 떠오르고 있는 우버 (UBER)와 같은 유니콘 스타트업이나 이제 굴지의 IT리더가 된 구글의 미팅룸들은 정말 참신하다는 생각이 듭니다. 다음은..

Creative Meeting Room in Hot Air Balloons Ideas interior design ideas and inspiration, with quality HD images of Creative Meeting Room in Hot Air Balloons Ideas.

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