It breaks my heart

This is so sad! Just remind yourself that gale and katniss r just really good friends!>>> nooooooooooo Im sooo team gale forever!

Tho I have a feeling he'd never marry delly. He wouldn't have survived without her.

The Hunger Games plot twist. OH MY GOSH! this is SOOOOO sad! I would have cried SOO hard if this actually happened.stupid delly (no offense)

The Hunger Games plot twist BOOM! Now I hate the word snow and all my friends who haven't read the books think I'm insane. But really I'm just in Hunger Games la la land.

This is great except the fact that Snow has been president since the Hunger Games was founded along with the rest of the society

by the time the explosion happened katniss was if he became president when katniss was 11 them by the time of the hunger games, katniss would be 85 years old


12 Charts All "Hunger Games" Fans Will Understand


The Feels...

He knew how much she loved prim<<<"Snow twisted Peeta's mind. But not to hate Katniss." So, he hijacked Peeta to kill Prim instead of Katniss.

How dare you!!! Hunger games plot twist

There could be a plot twist to dat plot twist maybe katniss can see the future 😱😱

I like this plot twist :) please i wish this would've happened i cried forever when rue died omg

I like this plot twist :)I plan to have something simaller happen in ny fanfic.The girl from 4 threw a spear.It tore out my tracker.

Hunger games plot twist

But the mayors family will never be reaped because he is an official person for the district. But cool plot twist.<< u obvi dont know ur hg cuz eberyone who is qualufied gets put in once duh

Caesar flickerman & effie trincket PLOT TWIST... Some people get really into trying to piece things that don't go together together

Caesar flickerman & effie trincket PLOT TWIST, it's also written Capitol in THG

Twist ending for the Hunger Games

Twist ending for the Hunger Games<----I don't like this one. It ends with Katniss dying, therefore Peeta was super sad.