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Brother sister tattoos. Instead of remind me I only want "we'll always have each other". With my lil brother I know there's no need to be reminded :)

Top 74 Couple Tattoos for Love Birds

best friend tattoos in The Nightmare Before Christmas font. AND my favorite band! Great for a best friend tat :) or mother/father/daughter/son whatever combo! :) I really love this font.

Tattoo Idea! Love, hope, and faith

Love, Hope and Faith

The cross, the anchor, and the heart represent the three theological virtues of faith, hope and charity respectivily. It is based on the cross and anchor symbol used by the early Christians in the catacombs, the added heart representing humanity.

DIY tutorial: make your own temp tattoo to decide if you like design and placement. This is awesome so I can make them for my kids during summer break!

DIY tutorial: make your own temp tattoo. mom I found a temp tattoo that won't give me cancer!

Our best friend tattoos!! The bottom is Morse Code for BFF

40 Inspirational Creative Tattoo Ideas For Men and Women

Our best friend tattoos! The bottom is Morse Code for BFF. LOVE THE IDEA of underlining it with the Morse code for best friends

That'd be a cute tattoo

I myself am made entirely of flaws, stitched together with good intentions. Hmmm, I may like this incorporated with my sewing tattoo I want. I may only like the second half of the quote as well

This is perfect of how i am choosing my ink... slowly. and precisely.

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WORDS TO LIVE BY! I have chosen my tattoos carefully. Look closely. As tools, they may grant you a glimpse into the human I am. Equally, they may shield me from what you are if you cannot see beyond the colors inked into my skin.

Biggest Tatto Gallery - A really cute couple tattoo. The tattoos work with the designs as each design symbolizes how the other partner is to the other partner. A really sweet and heartwarming design. - Find Your Perfect Tatto Now

"When everything else is gone.. Remind me that we'll always have each other." Love this.

brother sister tat but not in each others hand writing. we both have horrible hand writing lol