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Harley Quinn #17 by Frank Cho

Harley Quinn by Frank Cho This is what she should be wearing in the new 52 series and the film.

Harley Quinn #08 (Rebirth)v

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Harley Quinn No. 15 Cover

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Deadpool & Harley Quinn commission for Jamie Tyndall. Lines: Jamie Tyndall This print is available for sale here: [link] Colors: me, Ula Mos . Harley Quinn and Deadpool, J.

Nightwing & Harley Quinn by Wayne Nichols

Had a blast creating this Love the Arkham City Harley Quinn, probably my favourite outfit for the character alo. Grayson and Quinn: Year One

Damian learning how to be a kid. He does it so they don't become him

Damian learning how to be a kid and Bruce learning how to be a dad❤️

Welcome to what would have been gotham high

Fun Fact: Gotham High WAS going to be a real cartoon, but it was never to be. I wish they would consider making this a real thing I would be so happy!

Harley Quinn's Origin Story - Album on Imgur

Harley Quinn's Origin Story

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