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The Traitor By Stenbergs 1926 - Russia World War 2 Propaganda Poster

The Stenberg Brothers, Vladimir and Georgii, were Russian/Swedish designers, known for creating avant garde/constructivist theater and film posters in Moscow during the and


Soviet Propaganda Becomes Fabulous Gay Pride Posters / Carey Dunne + FastCoDesign

politics aside, old soviet propaganda art/posters/etc makes for some very cool art

USSR-Ukrainian poster encouraging the space program : RetroFuturism

Lev Kuleshov | silentfilm.org

Stenberg Brothers, Poster for 'Three million case', 1926 Courtesy GRAD Gallery for Russian Arts and Design and AntikBar


The Big Brother Is Wiretapping. Radio Spectator magazine cover by Alexander Rodchenko, 1930

Resultado de imagem para el lissitzky

this was the last propaganda poster in which had been produced by el lissitzky. this is saying 'give us more tanks' so this seems as though this is directed at the russian government to get what they want to win the russian war.

Grigory Borisov and Nikolai Prusakov, First Bugler Streshner

View First Bugler Streshner by Grigory Borisov and Nikolai Prusakov on artnet. Browse more artworks Grigory Borisov and Nikolai Prusakov from Tony Shafrazi Gallery.

The Passion of Former Days: The Art of Abram Games

Some of the striking posters of Abram Games, British Official War Poster Designer in World War Two (he also did many of these posters ).

Alexander Rodchenko. "I eat cookies from the Red October factory"

Christina Kiaer: “Into Production!”: The Socialist Objects of Russian Constructivism

RODCHENKO  Rodchenko, l’inventeur de la structure | la période 1924-1954 | design et typo

Rodchenko, l’inventeur de la structure

Russian revolution summary essay examples Suggested essay topics and study questions for History SparkNotes's The Russian Revolution Perfect for students who have to write The Russian Revolution essays.

USSR Propaganda Poster. This poster shows the unity of men, women and militray forces in order to support the governement troughout the Cold war. Indeed, this visual art uses classic and understandable symbols such as the color red (color of cummunism), the sickle and the hammer which promote the idea of a patriotic Communist Nation. Thus, this propaganda campaign doesn't direclty target the US's image but rahter glorifies the strength of the Russians and the whole communist nation. Annaëlle

USSR CCCP Cold War Soviet Union Propaganda Posters created by inquester. Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.