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Fairchild 1024-bit SAM multi-chip memory plane uses sixteen 64-bit PMOS Static RAM chips (1968)

Fairchild SAM multi-chip memory plane uses sixteen PMOS Static RAM chips

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

Apple Computer: Evolution of Design ( Macintosh /Steve Jobs / Steve Wozniak / First Apple / Apple 1 / Apple 2 / Macintosh / iMac ( retro - intage computer - computer history )

TiVo of ages past...

This COMPACT dinosaur allower users to record and playback their favorite TV program. This was interactive television before there was TiVo. New quadruplex TV tape recorder by RCA: compact!

Corsair just posted these pictures of their PC build.

Corsair just posted these pictures of their PC build.

Atari 400 Computer. This was our first family computer. I think my parents took a second mortgage to buy it.

Vintage atari 400 computer

I collect vintage electronics (and I have kept my Atari 400 from the late Still works and the graphics & playability are as good as the stand up arcade versions.

The Apple II - the first Apple computer I ever used.

In Apple created Macintosh Plus. Thus, apples can allow you to slim down in various ways. Though it has never unveiled any information related t.

ZX81 (with 16k Ram pack) ... spending the weekend typing in machine code from PC…

A personal history of computers part two – the Sinclair years

50 years ago, the System/360 mainframe helped NASA send astronauts to the Moon. #Mainframe50

50 years ago, IBM created mainframe that helped send men to the Moon

The IBM 360 was a revolutionary advance in computer system architecture, enabling a family of computers covering a wide range of price and performance.

Build your own Raspberry Pi powered handheld Linux terminal

Build Your Own Raspberry Pi-Powered Linux Handheld

Chris Robinson over at Node has created an awesome Raspberry Pi powered handheld Linux terminal that is small enough to drop into your pocket and is also battery power providing the ultimate portable solution.

Hewlett Packard HP85s Computer system.

HP-85 Computer System Fully Refurbished. Quality HP-85s known Worldwide

Commodore 64 - color

My first computer!The Commodore 64 home computer is launched by Commodore International in Las Vegas (released in August it becomes the all-time best-selling single personal computer model.