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the reason i sin is because there's a stairway to heaven and a highway to hell and i sure as shit ain't climbing no stairs

If heaven involves exercise, why would anyone want to go?

This is so true, I thought my brain was the only one

I “flip” through stories in my head when I am bored till I find one I feel like continuing. in my head -- yep

And which one's worse, huh? I've eaten at Chili's exactly once in my life (and was not impressed), and I've never bought a diamond.



- ̗̀  ̖́-мy pιnѕ are тнe ѕнιт. @ѕparĸlιngнoeѕѕ ̖́-

- ̗̀ ̖́-мy pιnѕ are тнe ѕнιт. @ѕparĸlιngнoeѕѕ ̖́-


Alternatively, on the /one/ final I'm convinced I bombed: 2 fucking Es and a high M, jesus christ, I got straight A and NA on my French and I studied every fuckin day


tbh i dont really like boys they scare the shit out of me cus you dont jnow what theyre gonna do and *screaming*