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Classic Burns #59

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The Bible says you can't eat shrimp?<<That is your question from this deep post? Well, high five man.

If the immune system was a manga person...It would be probably be exactly like this.

Now this seems to be the reason why I'm allergic to that much. Thank you, Immune system-kun

I just imagine Dave Strider running in his god tier with a bottle of apple juice and shouting something along the lines of "Shit im early to school!"

Culture shock

I am glad I am not the only one who thinks the toast in the mouth thing looks weird XD >>> In mother Russia school is late for you

And Conan O’Brien got totally owned by a middle schooler. | At Least One Of These Things Will Get You Through A Bad Day

And Conan O'Brien got totally owned by a middle schooler.

By one man sin entered into the world, so death passed upon all men. For since by one man came by one man also cometh the of the dead. gave himself a for all, to be testified in due time. All die in Adam. All will be made alive in Christ.

Meanwhile in Mexico - Check me out┃il-rosco-italian-and-beards.tumblr.com┃ ♥❤♡

Meanwhile in Mexico…

Funny pictures about Meanwhile in Mexico. Oh, and cool pics about Meanwhile in Mexico. Also, Meanwhile in Mexico.