A mask that pays tribute to the regal and noble African Kings of West Africa. It depicts "Nana" an Akan word that is a gender-neutral title representing the highest office in society. In modern times it has been replaced with the phrase or title "Chief" when it comes to West African rulers in Ghana. Features yellow, black and red colors. Depicts an African ruler in an ornate and elaborate crown and clothed in neckwear with a Cheetah motif. The cheetah has long been a symbol of survival, strength, and persistence. Adorned with brilliant embossed aluminum and brass accents and a facial expression that radiates nobility, leadership and accomplishment. Measures approximately 17.75 inches (height), 5.5 inches (width) and 2.4 inches (depth). It is made out of Sese Wood, brass and aluminum. Weigh Wood, African Masks, African, Mask, Hand Carved, Teak, Ornate, Elaborate, Original Piece