Unleash your creativity with Lily Loves Paper Wax Beads. Introducing the Wax Beads by Lily Loves Paper, a treasure trove of creativity and color. Immerse yourself in a world of endless possibilities for your wax trinkets, with these jars of wax beads in vibrant colors. You can mix and match different wax bead colors to create your own custom shades, marble effects, or other captivating color combinations. The jar contains one color of wax beads, with approximately 100 beads per color. Interested in other colors? We offer several other wax bead jars, which vary in color. How to use the wax: To achieve the perfect wax seal, we recommend utilizing our Wax Seal Spoon, ideally paired with a Wax Burner. For each design, the number of wax seal beads required will depend on the size of your wax se Products, Design, Beads, Wax Burner, Wax Seals, Glue Tape, Wax, Jar, Custom Shades