I met Penn Badgley this weekend! Super sweet, and I have a picture with he and I and he's giggling!

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Jim Halpert from the office. I will not settle down until that someone is exactly like Jim Halpert.

Penn Badgley

Fun Fearless Males 2011: Penn Badgley

Who's more crushworthy than Dan Humphrey on Gossip Girl? In real life, Penn Badgley is pretty much the same.

Steve Carell

Steve Carell - not only is his laugh so quirkily adorable in a father ish way, he is possibly my most favorite male actor. he plays each character beautifully with his unique Steve charm, and is so talented that he is never limited to type-casted roles.

Sweat pants?? What sweat pants..oh they must have fell off..oops

Channing Tatum Won the Lottery

funniest part is, I AM sitting here in sweatpants & a ponytail!

Scared the crap out of me, but its really good!

The Stepfather (2009)