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Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy)

Moonrise (Warriors: The New Prophecy)

In the exciting second Warriors story arc, the wild cats of the forest have lived in peace and harmony for many moons-but new prophecies from their warrior ancestors speak of a mysterious destiny and

I'll admit, I will! I can't pick! I love Mapleshade (Fave villain) and Brightheart and Squirrelflight equally! Feathertail is alright......

I love Mapleshade (Fave villain) and Brightheart and Squirrelflight equally! Feathertail is alright.

Brightheart... I love her positive spirit! Cloudtail brought her back from the edge of dispair. She is beautiful, inside and out!

Dual painting with Cinderpelt! I just wanna say I pictured Cinderheart EXACTLY like Cinderpelt. I didn't even realise she was a tabby.

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warrior cats Jayfeather | Jayfeather meets Meowth...wut by *hikari2314 on deviantART

when Pokémon meets warrior cat😂😂😆😆👏🏻👏🏻😱😱😝😝😉😉

Jayfeather and his stick MY STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jayfeather is a Thunder Clan medicine cat that can walk in other cats dreams.

Warriors by Erin Hunter| Smudge/ Kittypet. Graypaw, Sandpaw, Ravenpaw, Firepaw & Dustpaw/ Apprentice's of ThunderClan.

I'm in the process of drawing the main characters of WARRIORS: Into the Wild, but there were too many so I split them up into old characters and yo. WARRIORS: into the wild young

a happy cate? bamboozled again

a happy cate? bamboozled again