This is actually quite true.

I'm not posting this to diss sirius because he was a very important and definite father figure to harry--and i freakin love Sirius but people always forget that Hagrid and Remus also took care of harry and loved him

WHY IS HAGRID SO UNDER APPRECIATED!?!?!? He's my favorite character, along with: Harry, Hermonie, Ron, and Fluffy.

it really does bug me. Hagrid was definitely one of Harry's father figures and looked after him as well as he knew how.<< Hagrid is the best

A marauder through and through. Doing it for James and Sirius. I love that people have him pulling pranks. He wasn't just the sidekick. And I much as I hate to say it neither was Peter.

Head cannon accepted

This makes me proud to be a Hufflepuff. Ironically, I'm REALLY good at hide and seek. I'm a ravenclaw but hufflepuff's can be amazing

Haha, usually Pureblood parents don't teach their kids that stuff, but Draco and a few others might know...

No they would have light sabers and scare the crap out of every pure blood or use the force and grab things to make the puebloods go crazy and watch them trying to use magic without their wands!

Which is why Dudley was nice to Harry as he left for the last time.

I'd like to think that that's why the Dursleys were so mean. Dursley was already mean to Lily, before Harry lived with them.

That would be, I have always thought about the fact that I'm Harry Potter it is modern age so ppl have cell phones. They have freaking magic, yet in the entire series no cell phones are seen or mentioned.

If your Eve I know I owe you money and no, I don't know where to hide from the world. Talk to people Eve.

This is beautiful.

They would have to change color scarves. The robes are black though either with the Hogwarts crest or they sew on their house crest. Whoever said that they didn't mention scarves and ties in the book is wrong.