Coincidence? I think not.

There were SEVEN Horcruxes. Voldemort is not a Horcrux. He intended to make 6 Horcruxes, and Harry was an accidental seventh, but he is not an eighth Horcrux himself.

He better hope haha.

Funny pictures about Magical Marriage Proposal. Oh, and cool pics about Magical Marriage Proposal. Also, Magical Marriage Proposal.

An inspiration to us all

Rowling on Harry potter "Rock bottom became the foundation on which I built the rest of my life.

Obviously never been in the restricted section...

Really, Muggles these days.<<Also, haven't you ever yelled at a book before? Even if the book isn't from the Restricted Section, I make a lot of noise while reading an intense book

Hermione loves the Wizarding World because she grew up with Muggles lolz

This is why I love this fandom. That's so sad I really feel sad that she feels that way even though she is a book character


I m not in the fandom either but no. That was not okay


Harry Potter // I'm coming to accept that the HP feels will never, ever end. Jk Rowling is a genius.

Me too. Me too.

it's true. But that is probably because by that point they knew how, notice that Molly just points her wand at things in the kitchen and they do what she wants and she doesn't even utter a word

I FEEL SO UN OBSERVANT!! (Well, I knew about the mirror, but the other ones!!) I FEEL SO ASHAMED FOR NOT SEEING THIS

Harry Potter fandom posts part 5 - Knew some of these but had not thought of the roads.<--- love the river song picture to top it off

Snape. YES.

If modern Snape exists. this means that a modern Hogwarts exists. Tell me what will I get if I add Powdered Root of Asphodel to an infusio snape severus tiki modern alone chemistry

Easily DIY wands using cooking chop sticks for your favorite little wizard (or, you know, yourself).

31 Ways To Throw The Ultimate Harry Potter Birthday Party

Easily DIY wands using cooking chop sticks for your favorite little wizard (or, you know, yourself). Some amazing ideas on this post.