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Watch out || Mystic Messenger ★

I have a headcanon that Seven is lowkey yandere :P Watch out, Baehee!

mystic messenger image

mystic messenger, Jesus Christ this sounds like me and one of my friends XD

Wonder Fufu

Yes it's sooo annoying, it's like I wanna just scream at them let me help you or something and the games just like nah have a really stupid and insensitive answer

I love his long hair though T-T. I mean I never imagined him with short hair so that might be cool. Personally, I'd be a bit upset I've spent all those years growing it out and then some jerk cuts if off

Hahaha no. No they can't

This is fricken me in a nutshell, but seriously, where is my sense of purpose and will to live?

Why Cheritz? Why?

It's a common way to greed someone in Korea because in some time in history there was not food for everyone so it turned to a polite greeting to ask someone, if he/she has eaten already

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Lol yeah it would definitely be like that <<< tbh I would be fine with this