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"Fahrabteilung" Künstlerpostkarte Nr. 14, signiert Gottfried Klein, aus der Serie "Die siegreichen Fahnen und Standarten der deutschen Wehrmacht"

signed Gottfried Klein, from the series "The Victorious Flags and Standards of the German Wehrmacht"

A rally held by members of the Flemish SS in Flanders, Belgium. These members are part of a Fascist political organization known as the Rexists, and was led by a rather famous figure among the Axis forces, Leon Degrelle, who was a personal friend of Hitler's.

Hmm, the Flemish heraldic lion obscuring the double Siegrune. Himmler would not approve, but there is probably a good reason.

Hermann Goering, 1940. Morphine addict and all around clothes horse.

Hermann Göring, Morphine addict and all around clothes horse.