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Hahah oh gosh!!! XDD

Chen of the EXO corporations. Hahaha~ Chen is sassier than ever

Kim Jongdae is a wonderful person, he's full of talent and has a huge heart everyone should appreciate him the way he deserves ❤️>>> This is the reason why Kim Jongdae is my bias 😍 happy belated birthday 💗

Yixing as a pissed off  parent...   #Lay #Yixing #ExoFandom

kekeke i could imagine myself being a daughter of Lay~ keke it would be hilarious~ keke i could just laugh at myself being nagged by Lay oppa from time to time~

EXO .. The word "maknae" has become a conflicting and confusing word for me... They're so often painfully, smokin' hot.... A reminder that age is relative and highly contextual..

But can someone tell me why this is the reason i secretly dont wanna stand within a radios of people over considering im only and hate feeling short

I dont group them like that but it's funny xD And even when I don't group them like that it's true :D

I completely agree with the "why do they look dangerous but are actually so stupid line" 🤣🤣❤️