The Water wizard, He Ran on ArtStation at

Ienila Velladin who studies magic at the mage school in Perenoth practices to conjure water elementals at a beach south of the city.

Magic the Gathering on the Behance Network

Obsessive Focus by Svetlin Velinov velinov_Obsessive Focus MTG: Innistrad © 2011 Wizards Of the Coast LLS. fantasy, mage, magic, girl, woman by Svetlin Velinov

Ward by on @DeviantArt

ArtStation- Ward by Matt Forsyth. Card art for the soon to be released boardgame "Of Dreams and Shadows"

Commission work for a client's Dungeons and Dragons' campaign, an elemental monk girl fighting undead minions!

Commission work done for a DM's Dungeons and Dragons campaign. I love D&D, so this one is definitely fun to paint!