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Mom's first car was a beetle. Pawpaw took her to the car lot & let her pick out whatever she wanted.


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City Laundry Hoodride. One of our favorites, who else digs it? ☮ re-pinned by http://www.wfpblogs.com/author/southfloridah2o/

Bus Junkies - Addicted To Aircooled - Vintage Aircooled VW's Only

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Old vw combi Credit file : penggemarvw Blend & retouch by riztproject by riztproject

Hungarian refugees in the VW plant Hanover, 1956 #vw_vintage_morat

Hungarian refugees in the VW plant Hanover, 1956

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In fact, there are hundreds of cars out there. Our enthusiasm didn't last over a year or two.


I just wanted a place for all the pictures of girls and VWs I've acquired.