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Beauty Samples Idea...

Beauty Samples Idea...

Such a cute idea for bath tub area! Great idea for storing bath bombs/bath melts and other stuff bath related. Great for guest bathroom too.

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Teacher: What can you put in your iPad case? Other kids: Pens, headphones... Carol: A Hamburger  Good times  MY PLANNER WANTED TO BE A STAAAAAAR

Best Friend Bucket List - So many times in my life - I am a lucky woman with great, funny friends.

// don't let them steal your smile //

Because we've been through some crazy stuff. I will always love you like a sister. * * 17 Reasons Why Your High School Best Friends Will Be Your BFFs For Life

A whole list of photo ideas...not all would work for us but I like quite a few too

37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas

If he hasn't realized you're worth it, he definitely isn't.  Not waiting around for eventually....

"Eventually, one of two things will happen: he'll realize you're worth it or you'll realize that he isn't." Exactly what happened to me~ he was not worth it! I realized I just settled!

Haha so true!

All my friends would just laugh at me . Then they would fall from laughing so hard. I we would all just be laughing.(like true friends would do )

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To whomever is reading this. You are not ugly my friend, you['re] NOT! What you ARE is beautiful, amazing and one of a kind. Like this pin says, you are simply too beautiful. Never forget this or doubt your beauty; Trust me on this.

Country Wedding Ideas Mason Jars | Country Wedding and Party Ideas / Country Wedding the stumps would be ...Love this

I will always tell U I love U and how in love I am with U. U opened my heart and my heart will be yours I promise that to U. U r my everything and I will show U if it takes the rest of my life. I love U Kimberlee, always have and ALWAYS will!

Bahahaha I think tori and I have accomplished this!!!

Bahahaha I think tori and I have accomplished this!

Cute Couple right there!

This would be my friends but they would be guys because I'm a girl with a lot of guy friends


"Friends come and go, like the waves of the ocean, but the true ones stay, like an octupus on your face. How do I break this information to my truest friends?