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Mom, wait for us! Cute polar bear cubs can't keep up.



Polar bears shows affections to their mothers very similar to how humans would. Usual gestures includes hugging but more close knitted relationships between the mother and offspring would permit kisses.

Polar bear family

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Alexander Zemlianichenko / Associated Press Three polar bear cubs born in November last year, play on snow at the Moscow Zoo, in Moscow, Tuesday, March The cubs have.

Polar bear and cubs

Polar bears are totally unfazed by tundra buggies and carry on in their natural environment as though you aren't there

brazenbvll:  In The White : (©)

In the white (polar bear) by Marco Gaiotti

Orsi polari

Polar Bears facing a dangerous crossing.

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A chubby angel playing in the snow. He may be building a snow bear!

Cutie Baby Polar Bear Waving

Image: Polar bear cub waves at photographer, Wapusky National Park, Manitoba, Canada (© Rex Features/Greg Harvey)

Hello there

Baby Polar Bear - High Five- I'm so cute ! don't you want to come a little closer ? My mommy isn't here, it's just me ! photo by Thomas Mangelsen


A Happy Pack Of Polar Bears While they seem somewhat benign here, polar bears are some of the Arctic circle’s most ferocious predators. Fun fact for context’s sake: polar bears’ fur is actually.

Polar bear cub

Polar Bear Baby cutest thing on earth.


Polar bear and her cub 04 (by Steven Kazlowski)

Polar Bear (copyright: Greg Lasley)

Polar Bear Dive by Mark Snelson

ۥ8  polar bear

Zoo Brno’s Polar Bear Cub Sticks Close to Mom Mais

Полярные медведи

Полярные медведи

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phototoartguy: “ This sow and yearling cubs stand to see and ward off an approaching male bear in Manitoba by Lois Settlemeyer ”