110 Gorgeous Flower Tattoos to Brighten Your Day

*placement* A beautiful tattoo can be a real work of artistry, especially if looks anything like these fifteen that we've rounded up below. Inspired by beautiful flowers, these tattoos add a lovely feminine to.

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A very well detailed Triangle Glyph Tattoo. You can see that the pink flower is fully colored within the glyph triangle symbol as it slowly branches out into the less colored parts of the flower as the colors are only concentrated in the center.

If you follow me on instagram, you have probably already seen this: my newest tattoo! These yellow roses are a work in progress, but I’m already in love. I’ll share it once it’s finished – and hopeful

New Tattoo By Amanda Wachob (In Progress) (keiko lynn)

purple flower - Tattoo Ideas Central

shoulder/arm tattoos for women. flower with swirls roses with swirls some tribal tattoos henna style .