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Airbus A380 Extraordinary Facts #Infographic

As the world’s largest commercial passenger aircraft, the is a seriously big plane. We put together some amazing facts about it with this infographic

I have had take offs that feel like this!!

747 at an incredible angle. I was very surprised to have seen a video that shows the agility these large commercial liners have. I always imagine them as large limbering ladies.

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Boeing 777 landing gear - the main landing gear six-wheel bogie trucks & struts where the largest ever developed for a commercial airliner. The aft bogie is steerable via hydraulic actuator.

se viene el invierno!!!

Los 10 lugares de aspecto mas insólito del planeta

A LOT Boeing taxiing in Siberian conditions at Warsaw. photo by Artur Jarosz

The designers and builders of giant planes below would have been very obsessed with size. Some are truly magnificent and beautiful, but that looks ridiculous and there are some that eventually becomes uneconomical or never built at all.

Korean Air Boeing 777-2B5/ER HL7751 having its night time shower of de-icing fluid at Moscow-Sheremetyevo, December 2007. (Photo: Aleksandr Markin)

Korean Air Boeing having its night time shower of de-icing fluid at Moscow-Sheremetyevo, December (Photo: Aleksandr Markin)

Boeing 787-9 at the Farnborough International Airshow 2014

Farnborough International Airshow 2014 - Photo taken at Farnborough (FAB / EGLF) in England, United Kingdom on July

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Airbus shows off its commercial prowess during a thrilling airliner display.

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Malaysia Airlines Airbus Taking to the grey skies over Farnborough on the first day of the Farnborough Airshow. Photo by Ron Fisher

A night shot of China Airlines "Dynasty Dreamliner" 747 being readied for departure from Los Angeles Intl Airport

Airbus 380

Compare and contrast this big, awkward, slow and ugly piece of engineering that is the with the grace, elegance, speed and purity of line that was Concorde.And this is advancement?