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Meet bella, she loves rasio lab and lush. She wants a family that can take her to lush as needed. She also loves unicorns. she's and 15 years old.

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Rose is Rose loves music and sports.she is super active and love thee outdoors. She hates boys who chat her up. She is independent and kind.

l’infographie du jour : l’évolution de la personnalité des princesses disney...

L’infographie du jour : l’évolution de la personnalité des princesses Disney

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This is charly she is 12 and love animals and is Good with children plz adopt

She loves winter, wolves and Starbucks, She hates heights, bad TV shows and she is very friendly

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Read Personajes from the story Diosas y mortales(Jelsa,mericcup,kristanna y eugenzel) by dreams_of_crystal (Mrs. jelsa, mericcup, r.

coolTop Disney Tattoo - Disney Princesses: Not So Happily Ever After?

The Real Disney Princesses = Awesome Cosplay (Snow is supposed to have fair skin, but its REALLY good cosplay)

Well dang.


In movies, gloves are usually a sign of you hiding something. Elsa wore gloves to hide her powers but gets rid of them when she's ready to let her powers go. Guess who else wears gloves?