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My QI(see what I did there) is 0 lol

You know Tao's korean isn't very good right? this is why he left exo, because SM and the korean ppls were insulting him on how bad his korean was. Guys, PLEASE, it's like mocking someone on their english, and it HURTS.

LOL xd ..If it ever happen to me, I'd just eat and before leaving i'd ask them a pict or an autograph :P (so I wouldn't look too crazy hehe)

I died X_X

What I wouldn't give to be that girl in that moment. Shit, that girl is soooo lucky!

Tao gets everything he wants, that is a fact, because they say he have won the lawsuite against SMEntertainment  Proud of you Tao

Haha I wish I was Tao.then I would be getting what I want

Hahaha! Autant pour moi

Lmao that bottom comment XD Kris hardly has any hair and he's not korean anyway lol

Started from the bottom but we just do it now ah? Just follow

His Dream Come True xD Congrats Tao~

I would be so happy, I'd probably start singing EXO-K 365 just to see what response I'd get

I would be so happy if this happened to me. I've found another EXO fan and a Kpop fan!

Hahahaha types of friendships: EXO version

Hahahaha types of friendships: EXO version ft taemin from shinee

Hahaha someone jealous XD Me too tho cx

Hahaha someone jealous XD Me too tho cx EXO Baekhyun D.O Chanyeol Kai