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Obama is like a majestic unicorn.Therefore having Obama ride a unicorn with rainbows shooting from his hands is like majesticaler.

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This is actually a really fantastic social experiment. If you have a generic haircut and color and fashionable or nice clothes and you pretend you're famous, people will believe it.

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The zucchini bandidtos

My mom is dumping a ton of zucchini on me! >>The zucchini bandidtos

OMG I HAVE this colouring book that was translated from Arabic to English, and it was really cheap, but it's tom and jerry themed and not a single sentence is correct, "tom jerry catch to the murder of "

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I like how the mom laughs at them and runs to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants and not help her child out of the puddle of soup and then laugh at them and run to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants.