Harry Potter tumbr posts with particular attention to Marauder Era

David Thewlis (Remus Lupin) on Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) finding out about his character's death. There are no words to describe how incandescently happy am I after reading this. But also sad. Very, very sad.

I LOVE this part

This is why she's my favorite professor. I mean Dumbledore is Awesome and everything too but McGonagal is just fantastic! That was actually really in the books.

best mum ever!<--what makes you think it wasn't Hermione Granger the Queen

If only my kids were as obsessed with Harry Potter as I am. I know my husband won't respond if I start writing to the characters! <<<< I will do this for any fictional person my kids write to. My husband will help.

......this should have happened......

The thing is, Ron actually did learn Parseltongue through Harry's sleep talking and he was able to open the chamber of secrets. Therefore, it wouldn't be all that hard for others to learn.

This is cool.  Amazing analysis of Neville's role. Worth the read

also shows how history repeats itself -- this is one of the most beautiful HP posts if seen. Marauders compared with Harry's Generation. Neville is the key. Love it!

Remus lupin and the marauders

I didn't cry at all. Okay, maaaybe just a littte bit. I teared up. OKAY, I'M CRYING MY FREAKIN' EYES OF! <--- It's okay, previous pinner. It's going to be alright. *starts sobbing with them* <---- *collective wailing* <----- Ouch. My heart


Sirius on a plane for the first time is the last time he would ever try Muggle appliances // Sir, that dog is trying to smoke a cigarette