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David Thewlis (Remus Lupin) on Gary Oldman (Sirius Black) finding out about his character's death. There are no words to describe how incandescently happy am I after reading this. But also sad. Very, very sad.

This is probably true

No I think Remus was a terrific liar and could come up with great comebacks EXCEPT when it was about things that were extremely emotional for him

I LOVE this part

This is why she's my favorite professor. I mean Dumbledore is Awesome and everything too but McGonagal is just fantastic! That was actually really in the books.

Even though I do not ship WolfStar at all, I feel like if it were real this is how it would go if James and Peter found out.>> i on the other hand ship it

Everyone can stop. She just won life. This, is just so great. Now she just has to name her son Harry. I want to be her.

She wins life! If they don't name their son Harry they're living their life wrong. Oh and the work starred out is Twilight.

This just hit my feels really hard. Really, really, really hard

Ugh, Headcanons on Sirius and the Potters never cease to make my Potterhead Heart hurt

the marauders - I fell like Remus was the most responsible but James was the most loyal and protective.

the marauders - I fell like Remus was the most responsible (but not to sat he wasn't a prankster, he most definitely was) but James was the most loyal and protective.

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I love this idea. I love the idea do actually doing this at special or important events.like wills wedding

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That's deep

Actually, I've probably always read the characters' dialogue in the cast members' voices. That's probably since I watched all the movies before the first time I read the books.