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Aww<<<Last halloween I dressed up as Merida from Brave. My grandmother hand made my dress and quiver. I got a read wig from a party store and I took a few of my old arrows (I'm really into archery:)) and put them in my quiver along with my old bow. Once we got to the little place I took my younger siblings around to trick or treat (I'm 17 btw) and a few little girls (at different times) came up to me and was so happy to meet Merida. One girl even cried she was so happy! It made my…

Two wonderful kinds of people in this world.

two kinds of people at Disney lol I just cried from laughing so hard at the end! Such a cute story though!

When I first read this I thought it said "What type of song are you eating."

At first I thought she was on some medication that made her loopy and she poured orange juice into the soup

Look, Stanley Kubrick could be extraordinary cruel towards his actors (he was especially bad towards Shelly Duvall in this movie), but he was mindful of child actors.

Haha, that's too fun

Whats going on

Does this really happen to people? I make fun of Americans but never momentarily forget I am American.