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SS. ENTERPRISE http://www.pinterest.com/starfleetintel/lcars-diagrams-star-trek/

Starbase 24 - open the image in a new tab to get a huge, crystal clear image…

Star Trek - Milky Way, Alpha & Beta Quadrant map

Star Trek - Milky Way, Alpha & Beta Quadrant map-I always just saw it like a bunch of circles in a row

While Star Trek certainly prides itself in its morality plays, its technological concepts, and being a civil rights pioneer, the behind the scenes stories about the way production cast its women are legendary. From the very beginning, one of Gene Roddenberry's conventions was to use his platform to...

The Most Beautiful Women to Appear on Star Trek

The hottest women in the history of the Star Trek franchise. These sexy Star Trek girls are the hottest in the universe.

The first of a new generation of warp-five starships designed for long-term space travel and scientific discovery, the launched in April of under the command of Captain Jonathan Archer.

|SF映画に登場する宇宙船のサイズ比較画像|s i z e b l o g

Sci-Fi Starship Size Comparison - Link has small, med, large, huge