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Fairchild Republic Thunderbolt II, aka "Warthog" - "Ugly but well hung". The 350 presently in service are hung in the balance with the present budget cuts, & may possibly be scrapped.

Si instala una ametralladora GAU-8 Avenger sobre un auto y se dispara con éste en punto neutro, el auto acelera de tan forma que rompe el límite interestatal de velocidad de Estados Unidos en menos de 3 segundos

Thunderbolt - Its primary built-in weapon is mm Avenger Gatling-type cannon. One of the most powerful aircraft cannons ever flown, it fires large depleted uranium armor-piercing shells.

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Fairchild-Republic A-10 "Thunderbolt"

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La Fuerza Aerea de Estados Unidos 1ra En El Ranking Mundial

The US Air Force dispatched a dozen Thunderbolt II attack jets and about 300 airmen to Germany as part of a military exercise, which is expected to involve NATO allies in Eastern Europe amid simmering tensions over Ukraine.

A-10 Thunderbolt II "Warthog" schematic

The endangered A-10 ‘Warthog’

The Thunderbolt II may be retired due to sequestration budget cuts. Known mainly for effectively defeating ground targets near friendly troops, the "Warthog" is able to survive heavy anti-aircraft fire. What makes it unique.

The working end of an A-10

The business end of a Fairchild Republic Thunderbolt II The General Electric Avenger is a 30 mm hydraulically driven seven-barrel Gatling-type autocannon