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Summary: Betta Fish also known as Siamese fighting fish; derives its name from the Thai phrase ‘ikan bettah”. Mekong basin in Southeast Asia is the home of Betta Fish and is considered to be one of the best aquarium fishes.

Discus with fry

A fabulous parent, the Discus fish, carrying fry. The fry eat the slime coat off the parent. Discus are amazing parents taking turns and flashing from dark to lit when they want a break. The other parent goes dark and takes over.

Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish for Custom Tank Designs

Royal or Cobalt Blue and Red Marlboro together. Best Freshwater Aquarium Fish for Custom Tank Designs

Gordon H's discus tank, end view

Purple Air Stone Bubble Aquarium Lighting Set (Manufactured with Super Bright LED chips and ideal for any size of Fish Tank, Aquarium or Water feature)

Saltwater fish-it's a shame these lose their awesome colors as they mature...

Juvenile Emperor Angelfish - that is one seriously cool fish! Wiltshire Martinez - can this kind of fish live in your tank?